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Spirent - Practical nail care set

Spirent - Practical nail care set

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This set contains everything you will ever need to have perfectly groomed nails. You will not spend your money at a beauty salon ever again!

Set contains: 4x nail nibblers, 2x tweezers, 1x cuticle nibbler, 2x nail clippers, 2x nail file, 1x pedicure fork, 2x pedicure knife (flat tip), 1x pedicure knife (sloping tip), 1x pedicure knife (curved tip), 1x cuticle pusher, 4x nail cleaning tool, 1x ear cleaning stick, 1x nail cleaning spoon, 1x blackhead removal tool
Material: Stainless steel
Bag material: PU leather

Product description: Spirent is a 26-piece nail and face care set. It is designed to make the care easy and painless. The set comes in a sturdy PU leather case with a zipper. It is light, compact and portable. Before using the set, it is necessary to soften the hands and / or feet in warm water. Be sure to clean the set with a wet soft cloth after each use. Dry it afterwards and store.

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