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Riderate - Bicycle speedometer

Riderate - Bicycle speedometer

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Keep track easily of your achievements and bike statistics any time and in any weather conditions! This easy-to-read speedometer has over with over 25 functions which will satisfy your needs including: speed, time, temperature, battery indicator and more.

Packaging: 1x magnet, 1x mounting bracket with a sensor, 4x cable tie, 1x speedometer head
Materials: Plastic, electronic components
Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 20 mm
Powered with: 1 x CR2032 button battery (included in the packaging)
Temperature range: -20 °C – 70 °C

Product description: Riderate is a bicycle speedometer designed to allow tracking different parameters. It can be installed on different bicycles and it has an easy-to-read display. The screwdriver, exacto knife and scissors are not included in the packaging.

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